Whether you're a new Agent or a veteran, there's almost always a gap between where you are right now and where you really want to be...

The fact is, fewer than 3% of people ages 65 and older live a wealthy lifestyle in retirement. The reason? They didn't have a solid business plan, a financial plan, goal setting systems... a life plan. They didn't have a Blueprint to Success.

Which is why I'm going to be walking you through, step-by-step, how to use a blueprint that will secure your long-term income and wealth as an Agent.

One of the greatest feelings I've had was reviewing my own blueprint and realizing that if I kept executing the plan like I was, I'd reach the long-term financial goals for wealth that I'd set almost 25 years ago.

This is the exact same system I've seen our clients grow their income with by $100,000 or more a year, for multiple years in a row. If there's one course that has the potential to dramatically change your business and life not just now, but years into the future, this is it...

How Does the Program Work?

All the training in Blueprint to Success™ is usually only available once or twice a year when it's presented live, making it impossible to access when there are gaps in the schedule... so we've answered the many requests we've received and made the entire course available to you year round.

When you sign up, you'll be able to access all of the recorded sessions, workbooks, and tools from the course in our online Training Hub. No need to wait for a session each week, everything is available right away.

Once you've logged in, you'll be able to download your workbooks for each session, print them out for note-taking, and watch the virtual classroom recordings.

There are 4 video sessions in total and you can watch them whether you are on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Other Smartphones, or your regular computer.

You'll also receive these bonuses right after you sign up:

Bonus #1: 20 Success Training Videos by Dirk Zeller

You'll get access to 20 online training videos that you can start watching instantly. These bonuses are worth the investment of the course alone:

Bonus #2: Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library
Complete Digital Library
You'll also get access to the Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library in our online Training Hub. Titles include:
What you'll receive in Blueprint to Success™:
  • 4 Recorded Virtual Coaching Sessions of in-depth online training with Dirk Zeller - $1,000+ Value
  • 4 Comprehensive Workbooks Full of Tools, Tactics, and Advanced Systems, Covered Each Session in Detail $400 Value - Some Topics Covered:
    • Four rules of business expansion
    • How to become a high-powered goal achiever
    • The right way to plan your own financial independence
    • The #1 way to change the odds of success in your Real Estate Business
    • Breaking free of inconsistency forever
    • How to conduct a Goal Tournament so you are more laser-focused
    • Implementing the Success System to acquire the resources you need to carry out your goals, whether that is money, skills, knowledge or even people
    • Discovering and tapping into the "Big Why" in your life
    • Goal setting and achievement system
    • Much more...
  • 11 Training Videos covering our Champion Goal Setting Tool
  • Bonus #1: 'Access to 20 videos of success training by Dirk Zeller' - $150 Value
  • Bonus #2: 'The Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library' - $95 Value
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